Site News on September 24, 2007 (0 Comments)

Every embedded X-Tube video on the net is broken. This is an X-Tube specific problem and it’s not limited to this site.

Any time the embedded player makes a request to play a video the server returns an forbidden message instead of the video file. This means the X-Tube servers are currently set up to disallow embedded videos from being viewed. Let’s hope this is a temporary situation – it’s been like this for going on 5 days at this point…

To be honest, it seems that every time X-Tube is doing work on their servers the embedded videos go offline with some type of similar error. It’s possible this is just a temporary measure to help them manage bandwidth while they’re doing whatever it is they’re doing. All attempts to contact X-Tube on this issue have been unanswered so I can’t say…

In the meantime, keep clicking the links to watch the videos on X-Tube directly. While there, why not drop them an email at “support@xtube.com” to let them know that net wide every embedded video from their site is offline. Maybe en-masse we can get an answer!