Obsession on November 22, 2006 (0 Comments)

gears of war mad world

This isn’t porn at all, so get over it. But I’m totally haunted by the new XBox 360 Gears of War commercial. It’s beautiful and haunting and I can’t get enough of it. As it turns out this song has a bit of a history…

Multiple videos after the jump.

Here’s the original trailer for the XBox 360 game, Gears of War. It’s a little bit longer than the current television commercial:

The song was originally performed by new wave supergroup Tears for Fears and quickly became an anthem for angst ridden high school students in the mid eighties. Here’s the orignal video:

The Gears of War version of Mad World is performed by Gary Jules and originally appeared on the Donnie Darko soundtrack. The video was directed by Michel Gondry and is, in a word, beautiful:

For the sake of thoroughness I should mention another video exists for Gary Jules’ version of this song. This version appeared as part of the Donnie Darko Directors Cut DVD:

Of course no trip to YouTube would be complete without finding about a million fan videos of whatever you happen to be looking for. Here’s a dude rocking to the Evergreen Terrace version of the song:

And what have we learned from all of this? Yup, I’m old.